How National HealthClaim is responding to COVID-19

For the safety of our community and our employees


Our operations are structured to continue online. Employees can expect claims to keep getting reimbursed in a timely manner. We recommend online banking to fund the account. It does not require physical processing like cheques do. ClaimSnap allows receipts to be submitted from anywhere. No mailing needed.

As your spending account provider, we share in your concerns with the safety of our communities and our families. If you have any questions, please contact our support team at For them (and all our employees) we have instituted a remote friendly working environment to do our part in responding to the situation.

For our advisors


As Canadian businesses continue to deal with the financial impact of COVID-19, NHC is taking action to support advisors who have clients that have decided to temporarily suspend their regular dental coverage.

Starting today, NHC is offering an emergency dental spending account so that employers can protect, and reimburse their employees for any unexpected emergency dental costs. In partnership with our trusted advisors, NHC is offering this service for zero admin fees to support companies through this global pandemic.  
This emergency dental account is easy to access for our Advisors and Clients. There is no initial enrollment required, only a simple form NHC provides employers to pass along to employees who need to claim emergency dental services. The new account provides clients a way to reimburse their employees’ Emergency Dental claims up to any plan limits and apply copay percentages as needed. Reimbursement is quick, and sent by direct deposit directly into the employee’s account.  
“Yes, the no-admin fee means NHC isn’t making any money by offering this,” said Andrew Brandsma, the Director of Sales and New Business Development. “That’s ok, it’s the right thing to do. This is about helping our community, providing our advisors solutions, and helping employers cover the emergency dental edge cases they are concerned about.”
Contact with any questions or for more information.

Have questions? 

Contact a member of our customer support team by email at or call us at (866) 342-5908.

Our Commitment

National HealthClaim is committed to responding to your needs as we navigate this global health crisis. The situation is fluid and we will continue to adapt to the situation. Our policies will change to reflect that. Check back here for updates. 

As we navigate through COVID-19, news stories of our brave health care workers, and Canadians coming together all across the country keep us staying positive and hopeful.