Common Questions

Why can’t I login?

Your password or username may not be entered in correctly. Click here to request a password reset to be emailed to you. Make sure to check your junk folder to see if the email got filtered there. If the system does not accept your email address, contact your company plan administrator to verify it was entered correctly in the system.

How do I add/update my banking information?

Download ClaimSnap, our mobile app, and view your banking information under the ‘Settings’ tab, under the ‘Profile and Banking’ section. 

To add/update your banking information online, log in to your account and click on “Profile” from the main menu. Enter your banking information on the third page and continue to press “Next” until the option to “Finalize” appears.

Do I have to pay for the expense first before making a claim?

Yes, you pay for the expense first. Then you must submit your expenses to all insurance providers, including other HSAs before using the NHC spending account. We are the last payor. 

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What kinds of receipts should I submit?

Receipts vary depending on the type of claim. A general rule of thumb is to make sure your receipt includes the medical practitioner, the patient, the date of treatment, purpose of treatment, treatment fee charged and DIN # (drug number) of applicable. Till tapes and visa slips are not eligible receipts.

What if I have insurance coverage?

Any time there is insurance coverage involved we require the detailed Explanation of Benefits document (EOB, sometimes called a Claim Statement) from all insurance providers including other HSAs, for each expense you are claiming. This detailed document is issued directly by your insurance provider(s) and shows the treatment/service date, patient name, treatment/service details, total cost of treatment, the amount paid toward each expense (even if it is 0) and all applicable messaging/notes for each expense regarding why insurance paid the amounts they did. 

If you do not have your copy, contact your insurance provider directly to obtain it. Please note, online copies or screenshots are acceptable. Summary documents are not acceptable as they do not include all of the required details listed above.