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Get A Health and Wellness Solution that Excites Employees.
Take a look and see what our industry-experts have designed. Whether it’s complete coverage you need or an add-on to round out your total benefit package, we have you covered!

Health Spending Accounts

Get a complete range of health, vision, prescription and dental coverage found in traditional insurance plans, at a price you set with an HSA.

Lifestyle Spending Accounts

* popular choice to engage employees  

Introduce wellness to your workplace.

Offer coverage like gym memberships, daycare, continuing education costs, family leisure time and so much more.

Plus, dream up customizations tailored to your unique business.

(For example, one of our client’s uses this account to reimburse company merchandise for their employees!)

Mix And Match
New technology that allows employees to choose where they want to put their benefit dollars.

Need An Insurance Add-On?

Introducing the CoreHealth+ plan.

Get Life, Accidental Death, Critical Illness, Travel Emergency Medical, and Excess Medical Coverage.

  • No medical underwriting
  • Everyone is eligible
Learn about the experience.


We use the word rewards because we believe our business solutions should be a great experience for not only our employee users but for the companies that choose us to become a part of their benefits. A rewarding experience comes from excellent customer service, complete transparency and the easiest software that let’s you do what you need.

There are many considerations to look at when deciding what benefit strategy you want to use. As an employer, you want to give your employees comprehensive options but at a price that is affordable for you. Our health spending account is a tax efficient way to pay for the coverage you need.


Each employee receives a welcome email from us, the first day they are active on the plan. From there we personalize their experience by introducing them to their own support contact, who can help them with any set-up, coverage or account questions. All employees have access to our mobile technology, that allows their claiming experience to be super easy, and quick. Making a claim has never been simpler than the click of a picture. Our claim team also reviews every employee claim with attention to detail and leaves instructional notes on the employees account anytime they can’t pay a claim. We can guarantee that your employees have access to our support team, available to answer any questions that come up. When you choose National HealthClaim, you are choosing the rewards experience for your company.


There are many considerations to look at when deciding what benefit strategy you want to use. As an employer, you want to give your employees comprehensive options  but at a price that is affordable for you. Our health spending account is a tax efficient way to pay for your employees health and dental expenses. It can fit into your existing insurance plan to pay for things not covered (or partially covered) or it can be a stand-alone solution. Choose a Lifestyle Spending Account to offer wellness rewards to your employees. Want both health and wellness? Our LifeHealth Flex plan gives you both at no additional cost.

Find the scenario below that fits your company, so you can make an informed decision about your benefit strategy.

You have an existing benefit plan that has become unmanageable and costly or no benefit plan at all.

Use the health spending account as your stand-alone health and dental solution. 

No monthly premiums

A health spending account has no monthly premium or annual rate increases. This is unlike traditional plans that charge a monthly premium for each enrolled employee, even if they do not use the plan.

Custom Plan

You set the pre-determined limits for your employees and only pay for the expense plus a 10% administration per actual claim submitted. Pay into the plan only as claims are made. Choose different benefit categories, set new hire limitations like waiting period and pro-rating. Download monthly usage reports so you are never in the dark about your plan.

More Coverage

Employees get reimbursed 100% of an eligible expense up to their account limit. No more deductibles, co-payments and maximum limits on certain expenses.

You have an existing benefit plan that you are happy with.

Why add a spending account to your overall benefit strategy?

Research suggests that more and more companies are brainstorming rewards programs for their employees to increase job engagement and promote a well-balanced lifestyle. Using a spending account, managed externally by NHC, is a fixed cost to you and fits in nicely with your existing benefit plan.


Health Spending Account

Employees don’t have to worry about the unpaid portions of their traditional benefits because the health spending account covers them. They can also claim eligible health and dental expenses that their benefits do not cover at all, tax-free!

Wellness Options

You choose what you want to offer from a list of our benefit categories that can include things like gym memberships, fitness equipment, vitamins, daycare, public transit passes, continuing education, and family care. Decide employee yearly limits and trust us to process the claims based on your specifications.

LifeHealth Combination

More choice! Give your employees a yearly spending account limit and let them decide their own rewards. They can split their limits between the health spending account and the lifestyle spending account each year and we manage the whole process.

A spending account for executives.

You own your own company and are either incorporated or a sole-proprietor.

Why add a spending account for your personal health and dental expenses?

More Savings

A Health Spending Account creates an environment for companies to pay for healthcare expenses directly using pre-tax dollars. If you compare the difference between your company adding money to your T4 income in order to pay for healthcare expenses vs. your business being able to pay directly for them, the savings are significant.