Lifestyle Spending Accounts

A Better Way to Do Wellness. A Better Way To Reward Employees. 

Whether you want to pick from our popular, recommended coverages or add your own – we have you covered. 

Popular Lifestyle Choices

Fitness and Recreation 

Gym membership, fitness classes, recreational activities, sports equipment

Family Leisure

Leisure activities outside the home including going to the zoo, amusement parks, museum passes, bowling and much more. 

Extended Health 

Services that support health like weight loss programs, visiting alternative practitioners (Shiatsu, Herbalist), blood pressure monitors, holistic healing.

Professional Development

Continuous learning with education courses, hobby classes, conferences, tuition fees (including books and supplies)


Costs to get to work including public transit passes and parking passes.



PLUS much more.

Email to get the full list.


Need A Custom Category?

Have something in mind that you want to do to reward your workplace?

 Incorporate RESP, vacation packages, travel and more.

Talk to us about it.

What’s My Investment?

How much is not offering employee incentives costing you? How productive and engaged would your workplace be if you encouraged employees to manage their own well-being? If you let them use their benefit credits towards coverages that are important to their daily life.

Health Spending Account

Whether it’s complete coverage you need (health, dental, vision, prescription) or whether you want to take out some costly coverages from a traditional plan and put them in an HSA – we have you covered. 

Mix And Match

If you want to extend both an HSA and LifeStyle account to your employees, National HealthClaim has technology that allows each person to personally allocate where they want their benefit dollars for the year. 

Providing ‘choice’ is a powerful way to bring flexibility to your benefit plan.

Need More Coverage?

Introducing the CoreHealth+ plan.

Get Life, Accidental Death, Critical Illness, Travel Emergency Medical, and Excess Medical Coverage at price that works for you.

  • No medical underwriting
  • Everyone is eligible